Industrial Air Filter Technology

We provide emission control though dust collection and vapor extraction systems, as well as air-quality and energy-improvement solutions for plastics and toner extrusion, for the pharmaceutical and food industries and for mineral production. To summarize, our key differentiators are the following:

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At JOA, we combine proven technology, balanced with technical innovations

Bas van den Bogerd, Business Development Director of JOA Air Solutions

GCM Modeling done right

We have a predictive modeling tool to minimize project risk prior to installation. Due to our simulations, our systems start working immediately and are provided with a process and air-quality guarantee.

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Acoustic Agglomeration & Cleaning

Our technical innovations around emission control have helped the manufacturing industry to advance. This includes our acoustic agglomeration technique for the removal of ultra-fine dust and photo catalytic oxidation for the elimination of vapors.

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JOA Air Filtration Technologies

Our Delft-based R&D department is devoted to provide customized Industrial Air Filter solutions. Alternative filter technologies such as acoustic agglomeration and photocatalytic oxidation are helping to change the Air Filter industry by addressing effective emission control.

In over 22 years of successfully assisted FMCG, Pharma and Chemical companies worldwide with the following technologies and services:

Fume, Vapor, Odor & Aerosol Filters

  • HEPA Filters
  • Diamond series of activated carbon filters
  • Series of High-efficiency automatic belt filters
  • Coalescer Belt Aerosol Filter
  • Photocatalytic Oxidation
  • Standardized Wet Scrubbers

Dust Collector & UFP Filters

  • Ultra-fine Particulate pre-treatment to enable usage of standard dust filter systems
  • Direct air return energy recovery filters
  • CFD optimized pulse jet envelope and high-surface element filters
  • Inline Venturi Scrubbers

JOA Air Systems & Technologies

  • Product recovery extraction hoods
  • Indoor Climate Optimization
  • Improving Cleanroom Environments with Micro Climate™
  • Filter Bag Collectors
  • Advanced CFD shear force coalescing
  • Nano-enabled Ceramic Filters to directly convert fumes/odors into harmless components
  • Ultrasonic Acoustic Agglomeration
  • Spray Dryer solutions

Additionally, we have a JOA Air Filter catalog where you can find our best practices and standardized solutions for industry-proven applications.

With our broad range of filtration systems, we can always meet your requirements. Our product owners and consultants are ready to get involved in your emission control.